Vinit Electronics & Electricals manufacturers high quality automatic & manual transformer rectifier units HCR (TRU) required for catholic protection applications of buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals /refineries and cross country pipelines which is critical to the hydrocarbon sector of any country. The HCR (TRU) are rugged in construction, designed to withstand the harsh and unattended conditions they operate in. We have a large, modern and well-equipped design & manufacturing facility, highly, experienced team ensures reliable and quality products capable of meeting exacting delivery schedules. We have several types of HCR (TRU) designs validated and operational in the fields for several years, all vital components of the units like transformers, rectifier stacks, controls cards are manufactured under stringent quality assurance system to achieve highest quality standards. Vinit Electronics & Electricals offers a great deal of flexibility in custom designing of units to suit specific field requirements, while maintaining high quality standards and meeting quick delivery schedules.

The HCR (TRU) have been approved by all the reputed consulting / independent inspection agencies in India. More than hundred automatic & manual units are in operation in India and other countries, all these units have proved their performance & reliability in the field service to the complete satisfaction of customer, constant customer training sessions ensure that product knowledge is shared with all customers to derive maximum benefits.

Vinit Electronics & Electricals specializes in manufacturing special and high power rectifiers for variety of applicatons. It designs, manufacturers and tests integrated high power transformer rectifiers are enumerated below.

The division has capabilities to offer simple diode based rectifiers as well as highly reliable SCR / IGBT based rectifiers with robust analog and digital control designs these are designed in 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse systems that offer reduced supply side harmonic content, reduced output ripple and improved regulation, the products offered are also designed for operations in hazardous areas and have facility for interfacing with customer SCADA systems Cathodic Protection rectifiers are in operation using remote monitoring and control facility with its design capabilities the remote monitoring and control data can be transmitted over GSM and dedicated fibre optic links.
The state-of-the-art facility for design, engineering and testing ensure very high product reliability, given their critical applications, the division provides full systems with auxiliary equipment's like switchgear, power factor correction and harmonictiter.

Features Controls :
Variac Controlled (Steppiess) :
The working of the rectifier can be controlled using a stepless variac and the output can be controlled from zero to the rated value.

Static Variac Controlled : The working of rectifier can be controlled smoothly using back-to-back thyristor at input side by controlling the firing angle of thyristor, output of rectifier can be controlled.

Thyristor Controlled :
The rectifier output can be controlled using thyristor as secondary of the transformer the thyristor rectifier can be provided with 6, 12, or 24 pulse configuration.

Type of Cooling :

The cooling system si designed to ensure highly reliability and optimum performance of the rectifier in high atmospheric temperature and in highly corrosive conditions, Natural Oil cooled (ONAM) is recommended. In this system vital components like transformer choke diodes etc. are immersed in an oil tank for cooling if the rectifiers are placed in a room with proper ventilation, then "natural air cooled scheme can be deplayed for rectifiers of high rating "forced Air cooling" is preferred. Under this system, the internal components are cooled using a blower fan.

Transformer :

The transformer used in the units are rugged and of robust construction. They are used to step up or step down the input supply, they are available in both oil cooled as well as air cooled / forced cooled type In hexa phase rectifier units, an inter phase transformer is used. It is connected between two star points of the secondary of main transformer.

Protection :

Following Protection Schemes are generally deployed :

Digital Controller :
The unit can also be controlled through a digital controller.
The digital controller consists of a keypad for operation.
And an LCD screen for display of various parameters.
The digital controller is used in control schemes where precise control is required the digital controller is.
Equipped with an RS 232/485 interface for external communication.

I/p Voltage 415V +/- 10%, 3 ph, 50 Hz
O/p Voltage Upto 500 V or as per customer requirements
O/p Current Upto 50 KA or as per customer requirements
Ripple Upto 5% at rated load or as per customer requirements
Efficiency For Thyristor controlled units above 90%. For Variac controlled units above 87%
Protection MCCB at input supply
Over temperature for transformer & power devices
Semiconductor fuses for power devices
Voltage transient protection for devices
Output short circuit
Enclosures Indoor / Outdoor units with Ingress Protection upto IP 65
Cooling ONAN / Forced Air / Natural Aircool
Standard conforming to IS-4540 standard rectifier & IS 2026 standard for transformer
Indication Three phase pilot tamps (LED type)
Digital DC voltmeter and Ammeter with external PLC signals
(MIMIC) as per with external SCADA signals required interface
Salient Features Five limb core or IPT construction for compact size
Fully tropicalised design
Unit rated for continuous duty
Microprocessor based controller for better reliability
Ambient Temperature 50°C
Relative Humidity 95%
All the above information including drawings, illustrations & graphic design is to the best of our knowledge & belief.
Users should independently evaluate the suitability of product for desired application. Specifications are subject to change without notice.