Specifications :

Electrical :

a) Z80/8031 Microprocessor b) 8K on board RAM c) RTC (Real Time Clock) d) RS232/RS485 serial communication facility e) Centronics parallel ouput for the printer f) ADC (1) Successive Approxmiation 12 bit ADC speed 33 msec / reading (Faster 9mS versions available) or 2. Integration type 12 bit ADC max 10 reading per second. g) Single analog output channel. Using 8 Bit ADC.

2) Interface Cards :
a) 4 Analog input channels, can be configured for various types of sensor by changing few jumpers. No. of channels can be increased in multiples of 4 upto 32. b) 8 digital input & output channels which are opto-isolated per add on card.
c) Digital outputs open collector, sinking capacity 50mA. Interface cards can be configured for the following.
Temperature :
i. Thermocouple ii. PT 100 iii. Semiconductor
Pressure :
i. Strain Gauge, Load cells ii. Piezoceramic
Transducers Displacement :
Current :
i. AC - Current Transformer & amplifier / attenuator cards ii. DC - Shunt & amplifiers.
Voltage :
i. AC - Isolation Transformers ii. DC - Attenuators and amplifiers.
Humidity :
Humidity sensors.
PH :
PH sensors and high input impedance amplifiers.
d) Serial input RS232C / RS485 can be accepted from encoders, weighbridge etc.

3. Accuracy : +/- 0.05% on all ranges.

4. Linearisation :
a) Software selected for standard sensors like PT100, Thermocouple etc. b) User can define his own linearisation formula which can be pre programmed.

5. Software :
a) Custom built software specifically written for the particular application.

6. Working Voltage :
240V, AC, 1f, 50Hz, 200VA

7. Mechanical :
Dimensions (Interface Module) : 4U, 19" DINRACK, 320mm Depth, Wt. :7kg. approx.

8. Environmental :
Working temperature range : 0 to 55 c, 80% R.H. Storage temperature range : 0 to 60 c, 95% R.H.