PCDAS-1694 is a highly sophisticated but very easy to use data acquisition system with unlimited applications and use. The system employs PC with Add on cards & interface cards. The system can record, analyse, plot & save data in files for future reference using its powerful software. Almost all physical parameters can be measured, recorded, analysed using this system with suitable sensors. The Add on ADC card has 16 analog single ended channels, 16 isolated digital input, output channels & two analog output channels. The reference selection for ADC is through software. Individual channels also can have preselected references. The interface cards are housed in a spearate DIN Enclosure which is modular in construction. In short this system combines speed, precision & repeatability in low level measurements with full computation and analysis capabilities. This system provides highly capable, yet economical solutions to process control development, transducer measurements, production testing and signal analysis applications.

PC based system. Expansion capability. Digital as well as Analog Interface. High speed Data acquisition.
Data analysis capabilities. Graphs / Charts can be drawn. Data storage for months. Down loading to any other computer.

Improve productivity in research and manufacturing. Increase throughput & lowering of the cost in Quality testing.
Conserve plant energy through electric load monitoring & control. Monitor pilot & production processes.
Perform on line data analysis & processing. Measure, record, analyse, plot, tabulate, store, physical parameters of processes and many more applications.

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